Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Future Islands: New Stuff Galore

Future Islands might be preparing for world domination. A supremacy of the synth/punk/dance variety, the band will seemingly be everywhere in the coming months.

Their LP has dropped on the UK's Upset the Rhythm. Wave Like Home unleashes furious waves of minimalistic catchiness from start to finish, with some slower jams mixed in for a breather here and there. Expect the vinyl pressing from Wham City shortly.

307 Knox has released a split 7 inch with a rare Dan Deacon b-side. The record is limited to only 1000 copies, but Soundgarden might still have some. The video above features the Future Islands a-side, and makes me wonder how this one got left off the full length.

The band has plans to tour relentlessly. This month they will be roaming with Adventure, ending September 30 at the Talking Head. In October they will be billed on the "feet night" of the Baltimore Round Robin Tour, which might have a rehearsal in Bmore.

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