Saturday, January 24, 2009

Progress Report: Kenny G

Recently discussing the all time best grocery store jams, good 'ol Kenny G naturally came to my mind. King of the bread aisle, you likely wonder what Kenny has been up to every time you're deciding between white or rye.

I decided to handle this corporate mega blog style and give you an update on Mr. G's whereabouts. I'd say Kenny's Guinness record breaking 45 minute long saxophone note was a high point back in 1997, but it seems mop top is still saxin' it up.

More recently, Kenny got nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2008 (but did not win), and guest starred on an ABC television show called Dirty Sexy Money. He is also a partial owner of Starbuck’s, and is allergic to shellfish (via wiki).

This perpetuated one of the most boring and disturbing youtube searches in the history of the internet. Not sure if this one originally debuted on The Grind, but the video for 1994’s Grammy award-winning “Forever in Love” sports half naked children in a field touching each other.

Kenny creepily shows face in an all black pitched screen, his standard video backdrop for soprano sax solos. The following may or may not be NSFW, but I do guarantee it will waste your time in a pretty uncomfortable way.

Sony BMG opted to disable the embedding option on this video, hmm.

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