Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thank You: Pathetic Magic

Currently off touring Europe, Baltimore's Thank You have a new release dropping September 29th. Pathetic Magic comes at us via Thrill Jockey, a label home to many other fine acts from the city of charm.

If Terrible Two resembled the raw aggression of Haloti Ngata storming the middle, Pathetic Magic is more like Ed Reed precisely calculating each and every next step. I loved Terrible Two, a record drenched in fierce energy and tons of force. But the new EP packs two new tracks, both driven by carefully places melodies, smooth noise, and yet again some killer drumming.

Aggressive percussions are again the focus, with "Pathetic Magic" opening the record. A sprawling affair with slicing guitars, heavy lows, splintered riffs, and some stellar bass chops. "Strange All" steadies down the pace, with tribal chants leading the charge. The noised out rhythms of the center break way to a melodic anthem of sorts, leaving behind a fantastic aftertaste. These could easily be their two best songs to date.

Side B is backed with three remixes, all found within the comforts of 695. Dan Deacon lends a hand, adding his signature digs, an electronically induced symphony of building euphoria. Asa Osborne, of Zomes and Lungfish fame, also graces the record's presence. Jason Urick contributes to a track as well, on the heels of his own Thrill Jockey release dubbed Husbands. I'll have more on Husbands soon, but for now start salivating at this upcoming limited release and just be confused by this ridiculous cover art.

Thank You
are now in Europe, but look for some shows when they get back in November.

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