Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Photos: Melt Banana, Sick Weapons,
Dope Body, and dd/mm/yyy at the Ottobar

Melt Banana at the Ottobar
Saturday night the Ottobar had a stacked lineup, headed by a force from Japan known as Melt Banana. They began their set with a handful of electronic-based noise songs in the dark while wearing headlamps, but when the lights came on they defaulted to their signature style. These Japanese noise punkers completely leveled the crowd, and Chrissy took the photos to prove it.

Melt Banana had one of the strongest supporting casts I've seen in awhile, with Sick Weapons, Dope Body, and dd/mm/yyyy all opening the affair. You can peep the evening's full photo set and more words below.

Dope Body at the Ottobar
Dope Body are one of Baltimore's more promising newer bands, a bass/drums/vocal trio that sport a splintered style of thrashed-out punk. You can tell there's a heavy electronic influence with these guys, certainly a unique take on their style. I'd recommend grabbing their tape, Twenty Pound Brick, from Watercolor.

Sick Weapons were fantastic as usual, as the trio of guitars paired with Ellie's antics always make for a great time. Toronto's dd//mmm/yyyy were also worth noting, a spazzed out version of math rock that were another great addition to the show.

You can scope out Chrissy's full photo set of the evening below in the flash gallery.

Photos by Chrissy

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