Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Show: Dan Deacon, Get Em Mamis, Wolf Eyes,
DJ Dog Dick, Sewn Leather, and DJ Cullen Stalin

In the year's biggest what-the-fuck show booking so far, tomorrow night Rams Head Live will host Dan Deacon, Get Em Mamis, Wolf Eyes, DJ Dog Dick, Sewn Leather, and Cullen Stalin. This one is aimed at local collegiate study-folk, as a college ID will get you in for free. Others pay $10, and everyone gets a shot at a smorgasbord of electronic, noise, hip hop, club, and everything in between.

This will likely be the only chance you'll ever get to hear the melted and heavy noise of Wolf Eyes or the synthetic hip hop sludge of DJ Dog Dick at a venue in Power Plant. I've seen Max Eisenberg AKA Dog Dick perform a few times over the past couple years, and I stumbled upon his three track CDR a few months ago.

"Lap Dog" is the opening song off of Grease That I Got, and is by far the closest thing I've ever heard to a ballad from Eisenberg. Lofty synths and jaded beats give way to a warped R&B heartbreaker, all masked under Dog Dick's hazy vocals. This is followed by Eisenberg's signature abrasive and noisy beats in "New Swing Music", which then turns to the weirdo party anthem that is "Grease That I Got".

The show is tomorrow night, September 29, at Rams Head Live. Doors are at 8 PM.


Anonymous said...

DOG DICK iz a stoned warrior !

Simon Phoenix said...

For this show, Wolf Eyes will feature legendary special guest guitarist Richard Pinhas of 70's French electronic rock band Heldon, one of the heavyweights of French space music. Cosmic!