Thursday, February 10, 2011

Video: Shark Tank - "Don't Shoot"

Shark Tank is Height, Lord Grunge (Grand Buffet), Mickey Free, and Brendan Richmond. Their debut album comes out today, with a short tour that hits Philly tonight and Baltimore tomorrow night at the Windup Space with Moss of Aura and Ed Schrader. The first video from the project recently surfaced, and it's definitely one of the more traditional rap shorts we've seen Height involved with. Check it out:

The video is for the track "Don't Shoot", one of the many bangers from the new Shark Tank record. This one deals with the demons that are bad habits and over-indulgence, all while maintaining that 90s-era hip hop video party atmosphere.

I highly recommend you go and check out tomorrow night's show at the Windup, and even more so I suggest snagging the new LP from this indie-rap super group. If you dig Mickey Free's new record, and Height with Friends' Bed of Seeds, then chances are Shark Tank's new one will be thrown into heavy rotation as well. The show tomorrow starts at 10 PM.

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