Monday, May 9, 2011

Show: Moss of Aura, Dead Drums, Hear Hums,
and Say "No!" To Architecture at Metro Gallery

 photo by Valerie Paulsgrove

This Wednesday night the Metro Gallery hosts a fine batch of local friends and travelling sounds with Moss of Aura, Dead Drums, Say "No!" To Architecture, and Hear Hums.

Moss of Aura is the ever-growing work of Gerrit Welmers from Future Islands. Welmers is currently putting the final touches on his first proper release, more details on which are TBA for now. Wednesday's show will provide a nice look at some of the new jams.

Dead Drums is another fine solo project I've gushed about plenty before - ambient pop excursions by Caleb Moore of Lands and Peoples. His latest release came via Bathetic.

Hear Hums are an experimental pop outfit from Florida, who I was first clued into by Jheri down at Get Off The Coast. Crash Symbols released their album called Psych Cycles last Fall. Say "No!" To Architecture are coming to Baltimore from New York, and promise to bring with them a noisy blend of vibrations and percussive guitar-work.

The show on Wednesday starts at 8 PM, and you can RSVP right here.

 flyer by Caleb Moore

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