Monday, August 8, 2011

Witch Hat - "Blood People"

This article and song originally premiered earlier today on Impose Magazine.

Witch Hat  is the rising Baltimore punk trio of Chris Day, Noel Freibert, and Conor Stechschulte. Connor and Noel have been creating blunt and physical horror tunes together since 2006, while Chris (Vlonde, Bear & Pieces) joined in 2008. Brown in a Dog is to be the band's first proper full length, after nearly ten self-released cassettes and CDRs. The vinyl is out in a few weeks, but here is the first taste.

Believe it or not this six minute stomper is the edited version, with the album's proper cut clocking in at over nine gruesome minutes. "Blood People" is a tale of very close friends physically conforming to one another to escape the drowning sorrows of day-to-day life. It drives the album's relentless tone deep into your skull, a journey full of both material despair and "hard-nosed tom-foolery."

The starkly grotesque Brown in a Dog was produced in a body shop paint booth by Baltimore's Craig Bowen. It was mastered by Charlie Pilzer, whose eclectic career includes a Grammy for mastering and restoring the Anthology of American Folk Music.

With the arrival of Brown in a Dog will also come the release of a split 7-inch that includes exclusive cuts from Zomes (Asa Osborne of Lungfish) and Witch Hat. Both the the new 12-inch and the 7-inch are available in a few weeks on Friends Records.

Pre-order Witch Hat's Brown in a Dog LP right here.

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