Thursday, September 29, 2011

Roomrunner - "Spinning"

Fan Death Records spouted out a whole mess of spectacular noise this week, including a track from their forthcoming Roomrunner cassette called "Spinning".

We're pretty stoked to be able to follow up that post about Double Dagger calling it quits with a promising new single from drummer Denny Bowen's band Roomrunner. "Spinning" is aural proof that no one kid can ever grow up on too much Nirvana. A killer burst of noise-pop bliss that odes to the 90s without kissing too much ass.

Roomrunner is made up of Denny Bowen, Dan Frome, John Jones, and Bret Lanahan. The new songs were recorded by Dan Frome, who also plays guitar. The "Frome Dome" came in handy especially for the vocals, as Denny felt comfortable enough to record his voice there instead of renting a car and going out to a parking lot somewhere in the county as previously planned. Bowen has been writing the songs over the past two years.

The debut Roomrunner cassette is part of a new tape series from Fan Death Records, where each proprietor of the label chose a different band to make a tape of. This was Sean Gray's choice, and you can get all four titles for only seventeen bucks right here.

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