Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Show: Dan Deacon, Celebration, Matmos

Dan Deacon Ensemble @ Whartscape 2009
photo by Eye Bodega

The Dan Deacon Ensemble has fluctuated in size and dynamic since it's original Bromst components several years ago. On Friday, December 16 in Baltimore, a new ensemble will be unveiled. The new five piece will make its debut at the Ottobar on the just announced triple-threat bill that also includes Celebration and Matmos.

Dan writes that this ensemble will include Denny Bowen, Dave Jacober, Chester Gwazda, and Jordan Casey - to which he aptly described as "champions." A completely warranted statement with this new double-synth, double-percussion powerhouse that includes members of Double Dagger, Dope Body, and more. Deacon is currently engulfed in writing the next LP, and this show looks to be a good introduction to what's next.

Toss in the city's finest psych-soul warriors Celebration, and local legends Matmos, and you've got yourself a big one. Tickets go on sale today over at the Ottobar.

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