Thursday, November 3, 2011

Show: Oxes, Thank You, Witch Hat, Sri Aurobindo

poster by Chris Day

There have already been a handful of "show of the year" candidates, but this Saturday's G Spot bill is a hefty contender. As pointed out in Tuesday's piece that included a chat with band founder Jeff McGrath, this will be Thank You's last show in the United States of America before heading over to Europe for their final tour that concludes at ATP.

In addition, this will be the world's first chance at scoring the first U.S. Oxes release since 2005 - a new 12" called Bile Stbudy that will be limited to 650 copies.

Joining these two heavyweights Saturday evening will be Witch Hat and Sri Aurobindo, both fresh off new vinyl releases. Don't sleep on Brown in a Dog or Eyes, and definitely don't wait too long to grab tickets for this monster of a show.

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