Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Do a 14 Year Old Asian Kid, Dan Deacon, and Footage of a Giant Panda Walking Around to Salsa Music Have In Common?

They all can be found on the new video bar! I added a feature that randomly chooses videos based on the keywords I gave it, and rotates constantly. Naturally, I typed in the names of a bunch of artists that have roots in Baltimore.

However the keywords are searched on all kinds of miscellaneous sources including Youtube. This allows us to watch anything from actual footage of a panda bear, to some random young'un fondle the Spank Rock album and give us his commentary.

In fact this clip provides some riveting insight to the record including a chronological walk through of each song's title, quotes like "so pretty much this album is really explicative there's cuss words like pretty much all the time", and a recommendation that you can probably pick it up at Best Buy for, like, 10 bucks.

Um, thanks.

The only other disclaimer is that I do not pick each specific video, only the keywords it searches for. So whether you enjoy watching clips of an animated lizard ramble on about chairs and floors he didn't pay for, or you like music, this new feature should have ya' covered.

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Anonymous said...

love that panda!!!