Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ah, To Be Young and Canadian

Born Ruffians are the latest youthful band of the rock and/or roll variety to get all kinds of rage and hype, without even putting out a full length album. But these young bucks plan to stop teasing us come March 4th when they release their first proper LP titled, Red, Yellow & Blue. The album comes via Warp Records stateside, and will be released on XL in Europe on May 26th.

The spunky Ontario trio have been touring extensively and will be stopping in Baltimore at the Ottobar March 5th, right after the release of their album. They will also be hitting DC9 in Washington the day after. Both dates offer the support of Cadence Weapon, a Pitchforker and blogger turned hip hopper who ain't all that shabby.

However on the downside, they may be performing without a snare drum due to a recent thieving "crackie" breaking into their tourvan and snatching the percussion instrument. Well at least we all know they'll be safe here in Baltimore where crack isn't used at all, HBO didn't make a whole epic series about it or anything.

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