Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Friday @ 2640

This Friday has the potential to be one of the most aurally stimulating sets of the upcoming Whartscape weekend. I saw Beach House open up for Grizzly Bear at the space last year, and the high brick ceilings of the old church hugged and echoed Victoria's voice with luminous results. Expect similar brilliance in a few days, with a full house of onlookers reaping the benefits.

Another Friday night highlight, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez's first release is due out on September 9th. Expect to hear future praise of the LP on this site. It's going to be titled Why is Bear Billowing?, and will be released by Carpark. Check out his curiously awesome artwork here.

Baltimore by way of Texas songstress Jana Hunter will also grace the sanctuary's presence. Her LP was one of my favorite albums of last year, with folksy sounds of pure beauty from start to finish. There's No Home was released on Devendra Banhart's label Gnomonsong. Please indulge in her highly recommended Daytrotter session.

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