Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Was Sold, Hard

In 9th grade my buddy gave me a CD and I listened. It was DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's Product Placement, and I was instantly captivated. However, it has taken me until last night to actually go check out the spectacle live, and man have I been missing out.

The stage looked like the mothership, wires and turntables everywhere. But the main attraction of the tour did not fail to disappoint. Using only 45's throughout the entire set had to be the most ridiculous display of DJ skills I have ever witnessed. Not to mention the visuals, Cut Chemist was wearing a sweatband camera that projected on stage. And there were even chipmunks.

This is the last time they are touring The Hard Sell. So if you didn't make it down to DC last night, shame on you. I'm not usually one for DJ sets, typically preferring instruments opposed to turntables. But Shadow and Chemist not only made me think twice about my preferences, they rocked portable turntables and mixers as if they were guitars.

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