Thursday, July 9, 2009

Handsome Furs at the Ottobar

Need a break from Whartscape this weekend? Didn't get a megapass to get you into LOF? Need somewhere to scurry off to after Ponytail kills it? Head north up Howard Street to the Ottobar.

Montreal's Handsome Furs will be gracing Remington with their presence.

Fresh off the release of their second full length with Sub Pop, this husband/wife duo should serve as a pretty fantastic alternative to all the other madness this weekend.

Dan Boeckner, the husband, is the more reasonable voice of the indie mega group Wolf Parade. It's not that Spencer Krug's medieval croons are unreasonable. It's just that when combined, Boeckner's verses come off as the more balancing voice of rationale. However, both sport some seriously intrigueing pipes and side projects.

Describing the Handsome Furs as Wolf Parade with dance beats instead of live drums wouldn't be completely ludicrous. The duo sports soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, as Dan Boeckner's songwriting is yet again the highlight of their most recent release Face Control. Their newest LP includes many of the fantastic and quirky choruses that Boeckner began to master on his other band's Apologies to the Queen Mary.

The new album is also far more dynamic than their previous effort, with the rhythms and beats being far more varied. Though, Face Control focuses on the simplistic much like it's predecessor Plague Park. Blending more smoothly with some stellar guitarmanship, the drum machine sounds much more at home on this affair.

Not sure what to expect from their live show, but based off their two LPs this one seems worth the trip. The show is on Saturday at the Ottobar. Doors are at 9 PM and tickets can be purchased here for 10 bucks.

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