Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tonight: Ganglians at the Golden West

Head to the Avenue tonight to hit up an evening of bubbly psychedelic folk pop from Woodsist imprint Ganglians. One of the many hyped lo-fi artists resonating from the NYC label, Ganglians are a glaring highlight of the bunch.

As much I hate to play the often used Beach Boys comparison card, I have to. Monster Head Room just has way too many Smile-esque qualities going for it. It's not just the vocal harmonies of "Voodoo" that help to reminisce, the LP is packed with loopy and subtle sound effects often resembling the psyched out works of Smile.

Ganglians are playing tonight at the Golden West, with Jana Hunter and Adam Endres DJing the affair. Show starts at 10 PM and tickets are just five bucks.

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