Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Super Vacations - Henry 7 inch / Zodiac on Saturday

The Super Vacations sport a knack for conquering their brand of East Coast garage surf pop, as their 2008 debut record on SHDWPLY still frequents my turntable. Dudes are back with a 7 inch on SHDWPLY Records, and also have another LP in the works you can look for in 2010.

You can catch The Super Vacations at the Zodiac this Saturday night. They are booked with label mates and Whartscape alum Gary War, and also with local dream folk outfit Lands ands Peoples (grab their set from Soft Fest). Tracks from Henry and more after the click.

The Henry seven inch features 4 songs, with "Henry" and "The Void" rounding out side A, and "Ten Second Freakout" along with "The Paradise" on side B. The tracks all show progression up against their 2008 full length, but still the same fuzzy likability. Think early early Built to Spill crossed with Dick Dale, and some 13th Floor Elevators thrown in the mix for good measure.

These are faded surf rock tunes soaked in waves of melody and drenched in raw sound. The song structure has become more focused, and the production even beefed up a bit. Drunken guitar chords paired with warped and faded vocals are still at the forefront, but have more purpose. I am most certainly anxiously awaiting the next LP.

Stream "The Void", or download this one and "10 Second Freakout" via No Conclusion.

After the monster of a matinée show at Floristree on Saturday, hit up the Zodiac.

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