Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clusterf*ck: Shows in Baltimore this Weekend

This weekend isn't so much a clusterfuck, as their seems to be a pretty clear path of adventures to choose. These particular adventures also happen to be some of the raddest in awhile.

Friday night, I suggest kind of sort of taking it easy. There's a lot ahead of you, and burning out too quickly this weekend will result in failure. However, with a 25 piece band covering Fela Kuti tunes for the masses, this might prove difficult.

The Baltimore Afrobeat Society is holding their yearly event at the H&H, dubbing it this year the "Fela Anikulapo Kuti Dance Party". This is always a great event, and provides plenty of an ass-shaking good time. The event is kindly asking for 10 bucks, and the show starts at 11. Sleep in late after this one, as Saturday will provide a full day's worth of awesomeness.

Saturday is the epic throwdown at Floristree, with four of Baltimore's biggest bands on one bill. Double Dagger, Ponytail, Videohippos, and Ecstatic Sunshine will all melt faces in grand fashion. This is a rare matinee show, with doors opening at 3 PM and the show starting at 4 PM.

Each band will perform two sets, with video intermissions in between each set compliments of Mark Brown, Evan Devine, Matt Porterfield, and Robby Rackleff. This show has absolutely zero potential of sucking, and might prove to be one of the more epic lineups of 2009. Double Dagger even promised a taco cart in an email yesterday... a taco cart people!

After having your mind completely blown all afternoon, head to the Zodiac to continue adventuring. SHDWPLY heavyweights, The Super Vacations, will be in town with labelmates Gary War. More on their new jams here, and opening will be the always entrancing Lands and Peoples.

If you are still alive after Saturday, and man will you hope you will be, this Sunday proves not just to be the day of rest. Jesus Camp (megachurch in Hampden) is throwing their first big big show, with Future Islands, Javelin, Grandchildren, Mark Brown, and 400 Cloaks (Meredith Moore, Andrew Burt). This lineup is stacked from start to finish, and should prove worth heading out on a Sunday. Javelin is responsible for one the best remixes on the new Future Islands remix 12 inch by Free Danger, and the rest should keep it more than interesting as well.

And then, sleep.


Anonymous said...

tickley feather, teeth mountain, lesser gonzalez alvarez @ golden west monday 14th

Unknown said...

too much! all the week before finals too.

Brett said...

Bethany Dinsick
Bethany Dinsick and Claire Plumb(of Spoke Ensemble and Poor Mouth) vocal improv
Sea Couch (Bmore folk couple)
Pilar Diaz + Lindsay Rowenski (Bmore Folk)
France and the Free Mansons (Canada/Mass Experimental folk)
Fuck Montreal (Nova Scotia)
King Cloud (bmore psych-folk)

It is at Cyclops Books + Music (next to Wind Up Space on North ave and Charles St) and it is a Early show Dec 12 from 6-9 (that will begin promptly @ 6 in order to finish @ 9) and as far as I know it is free or donations for bands.

Anonymous said...

anymore details on the future islands show tonight? price? byob?

Brett said...

5 dollars suggested, byob!