Monday, January 18, 2010

Soon: Grundlehammer 2.0, Terry Riley's In C,
Vetiver, DNA Test Fest III, and more!

There's a lot of really exciting things in the wings locally, and I thought I'd do my best at informing you musically so you can plan and think and listen accordingly.

Grundlehammer is back and is now version 2.0, The Soft House is hosting something amazing called In C, DNA Test Fest III looks loud, and Bmore Musically Informed's first two shows which are part of a weekend dubbed Blogtimore Pwns are in less than two weeks.

Also, in the very near future, Vetiver plays Sonar tomorrow night with Small Sur, Secret Mountains, and Avi Buffalo. We're giving away tickets for this, and I'll pick a winner tonight.

Read on for a mega-post with details on all of these upcoming events.

Not only is Grundlehammer back, but its got a 2 disc album that is in the works. We're excited, and looking forward to having more coverage on Grundlehammer in the next month. Here's the details for now:

Gründlehämmer – The Album.

This world premiere rock opera EPIC is now a sprawling 2 disc studio album. Gründlehämmer – The Album, is a high-quality studio recording of the pure adrenaline that is the Gründlehämmer live performance. Featuring the original Gründlehämmer cast on 20 tracks of heart wrenching, guitar-slinging, kingdom-regaining, fretboard-burning, ROCK. The album will be available for the first time ever at the Gründlehämmer remount, February 19th-21st at the 2640 space.

Grundlehammer 2.0
February 19th-21st
Fri – Sat @ 7pm, Sun @ 5pm
2640 Space @ 2640 Saint Paul St.
Get tickets here.

Gründlehämmer is an entirely original, medieval, fantasy rock opera that combining completely ridiculous stage theatrics with great live music. Gründlehämmer features 20 original rock songs performed live by a 7-piece metal orchestra, in addition to a full cast and crew of 30 talented people. The Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS) has created an entirely new and original rock opera that is as epic and face-melting as possible while remaining true to the DIY ethic that inspired the BROS to band together.[via]

From those who brought us Soft Fest, now bring us Terry Riley's In C at the beginning of February. In C features a 30 piece ensemble, consisting of some of our favorite local conservatory-trained, jazz/improvisational, and experimental/electronic artists. Here are the details for this event:

In C
The Soft House
Saturday, February 6th
Doors at: 9
Food and drinks: 9:30-10:30
In C :10:30-11:30
**All audience members who arrive by 10 pm will receive one free drink and food item
with admission**

"In C" Ensemble
Will Redman (of Microkingdom)----------------------vibraphone
Dave Jacober (of Dope Body/Holy Ghost Party)-----marimba
Nathan Elman-Bell (of Quartet Offensive)----------vibraphone
Rob Parrish (improvisational percussionist)---------glockenspiel
Rod Hamilton (of Avocado Happy Hour)-------------Malletkat
Emmanuel Nicolaidis (of Thank You)----------------xylophone
Jeremy Hyman (of Ponytail)--------------------------marimba
Jon Birkholz (of Soul Cannon)--------------------------organ
Ben Frock (of Ben Frock and the Subatomic Particles)-organ
Tim Murphy (Baltimore jazz legend)-----------------rhodes
Amanda Schmidt (of Avocado Happy Hour)---------rhodes
Dustin Wong (of Dustin Wong/Ponytail)-------electric guitar
Zach Utz (of Dope Body/Holy Ghost Party)--electric guitar
Jaime Moffett (jazz musician)------------------electric guitar
Andrew Bernstein (of Teeth Mountain)-----------------------alto sax
John Dierker (of Microkingdom/Quartet Offensive)----sax
Andy Abelow (of Small Sur/Soft Cat)-----------------------alto sax
Will Pesta (of Happy Family)--------------laptop
Grayson Brown (of Comeback Ranch)---laptop
John Somers (of Do While)----------------laptop
John Jones (of Each Others)--------------laptop
Beau Crawley (of Turquoise Cats/Drugs Bunny)----live processing
Mark Brown (of DJ Mark Brown) --------------------live processing
John Butler (of Mothe
rsday)--------------------------live processing
Tom Fitzgibbon (sounds)------------------------------live processing

DNA Test Fest III was announced a few weeks ago, and has been adding even more loud things since. We'll have features/news on Test Fest bands in the coming months, but here are the current details on this seemingly epic event:

April 3rd, 2010 Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland
Doors at 7pm

Pissed Jeans
Psychedelic Horseshit
Home Blitz
Religious Knives
Pygmy Shrews
Birds of Maya
The Chickens (mem. of FNU Ronnies)
Slave Scene (mem. of Cult Ritual)
Neon Blud
Twin Stumps
Broken Neck
Useless Children

Lastly, our first two shows are less than two weeks away. Get excited for a night of rock and roll at the G Spot, a night of hip hop at the Ottobar, and everything in between at Aural States Fest II. Tickets can be acquired via Missiontix. Look for features on some of the artists in the coming weeks.

Bmore Musically Informed Presents:
Wye Oak
Sri Aurobindo
The Violet Hour
January 29th, 2010. The G-Spot. 2980 Falls Road.


Bmore Musically Informed Presents:
The Get ‘em Mamis
AK Slaughter
PT Burnem
Mickey Free
and DJ Cullen Stalin
January 31st, 2010. The Ottobar. 8 PM.

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