Monday, January 11, 2010

Tonight: Young Buffalo, Brendan Sullivan, Winks, Semya

The Zodiac's got a great one tonight, with Young Buffalo, Brendan Sullivan, Winks, and Semya all on the bill. While three acts are promising local splendor, Young Buffalo hails from Oxford, Mississippi.

Young Buffalo was originally a solo project, but are now a three-piece with all members contributing their own material. The result involves spirited folk, joyous chants, doses of African rhythms, and complex vocals. Caleb from Lands and Peoples describes them like "Animal Collective + Fleet Foxes / the unexpected = goodstuffs", and I wholeheartedly agree.

Read on for more on all the acts and some music.

I've recently been spending a lot of time with Brendan Sullivan's (one half of Weekends) solo work, a smattering of releases that are compiled from home recordings from over the past several years. Brendan makes lo fi folk, dabbling in more atmospheric collages of sounds and textures. Below is "Falling Down" the third track you'll find on side A of his Wooley Eyes cassette, and look for more to come on these releases soon.

This will be Winks first ever performance, a solo project from Chase of INEVERYROOM. He's got some really great stuff up on his site, and a proper release should soon be available. Winks entails surreal vocals, faded and infectious melodies, and dreams, all circa 1983.

Semya makes weird electronic music, and makes it quite well. Think warped electronics and cosmic synths, all hi-jacked by ancient tribal spirits. Semya's upcoming LP Georythyms will be out on Wigflip Records in March, a label that just recently launched with some pretty great releases.

The show tonight is at the Zodiac, 21+, and starts at 10 pm.

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