Friday, May 7, 2010

Clusterf*ck: Beach House @ 2640 Space,
Weekends / Lemonade / Sisters @ The Pet Cemetary

We're going to keep it short and sweet for this week's edition. This weekend, the biggest dream pop duo in in the world right now finally comes home, and plays at the church. Saturday night Beach House play at the 2640 Space with Washed Out, and yes this one is very much sold out. Look out for our photo coverage next week.

Tonight, the Pet Cemetary has a monster of a party with Lemonade, Sisters, Weekends, and more to help celebrate the release of the new issue of Mapped zine. Friends Records will have copies of the new Weekends album, Strange Cultures, on limited-run cassette tapes. Come say hi, and this is your first chance to hear the Rob Girardi-produced Strange Cultures. There will only be about 20 or so copies of this available tomorrow.

Also, definitely don't sleep on the endless amount of awesome the Maryland Film Festival has to offer this weekend. I highly recommend going to check out the world premiere of 0s and 1s on Saturday, whose director I interviewed yesterday. You also certainly couldn't go wrong with a Dan Deacon-endorsed screening of Total Recall, or Bill Callahan presenting Faces.


Anonymous said...

plus The Death Set at Talking Head on Saturday...and all those fucking movies. Busy weekend in Baltimore.

Unknown said...

i wanted to tape this but apparently they are too big now and no longer allow taping. last year was wide open at the metro gallery outside show. oh well.

Brett said...


how can I be in 2 places at once? suggestions welcome!

Brett said...

oh hey, Beach House played a new song up in NYC last night, check it.