Thursday, June 17, 2010

new Dope Body - "Enemy Outta Me"

Dope Body
Baltimore's favorite thrash-surf trio Dope Body are getting really close to a new full length, as lead singer Andrew Laumann passed along a few new tracks to me yesterday. As expected, they have blasted my insides with their tainted and scuzzed-out energies, and I for one am stoked for the new release. Hear for yourself below.

"Enemy Outta Me" begins with a testament as to why this band is a must, as a guitar is twisted and morphed to produce sounds typically heard in industrial graveyards. It's a scorching reminder as to how Dope Body is doing something totally new, yet are still paying homage to their predecessors with sounds of endearment.

This is not for the light-hearted, but you probably already figured them out with a name like Dope Body. The new album couldn't come any sooner, but you can catch these guys this weekend with a slew of other local favorites. This Saturday at the Natural History Museum you'll find Dope Body accompanied by Weekends, Teenage Souls, Peer Pressure, and Rapdragons. Get ready to sweat, a lot.

Peep some footage of Dope Body at last year's Whartscape below.


Anonymous said...

This is just fucking ridiculous

Unknown said...

Dope Body is awesome, and they are apparently playing tonight. Anybody know where The Natural History Museum is? Is that in copycat somewhere?

Anonymous said...

2445 Barclay. I have it from an unconfirmed source that they will be playing before midnight....