Tuesday, June 29, 2010

new Lands & Peoples / Dead Drums
"Restless Legs" and "Carousin USA"

dead drums - carousin usa
Here are two newly available songs that haven't strayed far from my comp cursor since the weather's been warm. Both stem from the same realm, as Caleb Moore is a member of Lands & Peoples and also records under the solo moniker Dead Drums.

<a href="http://friendsrecords.bandcamp.com/track/restless-legs">Restless Legs by Friends Records</a>

While "Restless Legs" was first made available a few weeks ago on a Lands & Peoples/INEVERYROOM split release that came out on Friends Records, it was conceived a good while back. Weekly Tape Deck recently premiered the track, allowing Caleb's hauntingly on-point vocals to croon the interwebs. You can snag the MP3/FLAC right here for free, and there are a few more of the cassettes floating around. Look for more good things to come from L&P here, as these folks get closer to their debut full length.

<a href="http://deaddrums.bandcamp.com/album/carousin-usa-single">carousin usa (single) by dead drums</a>

Caleb dropped his solo project's first release back in March, an incredibly blissful take on minimalist-ambient pop. "Carousin USA" takes a leap in a sunnier direction, and proves to be seasonally perfect. There's the feel of some super-warped early 90's radio R&B jams going on, topped off with cool-whip vocals and some fuzzy production. All this occurs before being blasted back into the marshmallows of outer space.

To top it off, here's a new Dead Drums remix by Happy Family.

<a href="http://deaddrums.bandcamp.com/track/edna-happy-family-remix">edna (happy family remix) by dead drums</a>

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