Monday, October 11, 2010

Arthur Radio: Ami Dang

I recently stumbled across an Arthur Radio Transmission that featured Ami Dang, an individual that might already be your favorite sitar player in Baltimore.

Ami plays sitar, sings, and also has a knack for electronics. The result is a pulsating brew of psychedelics, bollywood vibes, and dance pop that is never predictable. The podcast features a 50 minute live set, the only way in which we've had the pleasure of consuming Dang's experimental bliss as of yet. Ami Dang does have a handful of recorded tracks over on her mypace page, one of which, "Milani", is played during this performance.

More recordings are soon on the way, as Dang is set to release a full length this year on Ehse Records. Look for more news on that release, as it's currently deep in progress. The podcast on Arthur also features a DJ set by Dang, who spins some other Baltimore natives including White Life, Cex, and Polygons.

You can download/stream the full podcast right here compliments of Arthur Magazine.

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