Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Microkingdom - "Peppermint Crab" / Microkingdom's Pro Hour

Microkingdom play this Friday night at the G Spot in Baltimore for our Hallowen show along with Celebration, Sri Aurobindo, and Dustin Wong. Tickets can be found here.

If you've heard the phrases "no jazz" or "spazz jazz" or even the readily tossed around "avant jazz" somewhere in Baltimore over the past three years, chances are you've heard of Microkingdom. If not, say hello to Dr. Will Redman and Marc Miller of Oxes fame.

Above is "Peppermint Crab" which is off their forthcoming LP, Three Compositions of No Jazz. The record was recently mastered by the legendary Bob Weston, and has been three years in the making since the outfit's inception. "Peppermint Crab" is the first track on album, and only a taste of what the rest of the record will emanate to your head-space. This track serves as a warning, or a way to cleanse your brain before what comes next.


Microkingdom's first album was a 12 inch record under the moniker, Microkingdom's Pro Hour. The record was self-released back in 2008, and contained two tracks dubbed "Wrenches: My Heart" and "Double Abacus". The record is now available digitally below, while only a handful of copies remain on mint green wax to be had right here.

When this record hit my turntable a few years ago, the only words that came out of mouth were probably "WOAH" or "what the fuck" or "hot damn". Other individuals had more intelligent thoughts to share about this spellbinding debut...
"A hyperactively burrowing noise excavation..." - The Wire 
"Schizophrenia defines both the unit and the individual." - Pitchfork 
"...focus you don’t often come by anymore in this realm." - Dusted
Microkingdom will debut this Friday night as five-piece. Prepare yourselves, folks.

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