Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Show: INEVERYROOM, Binary Marketing Show, YellowFever

Tomorrow night at the Golden West you can catch our own INEVERYROOM paired with some out-of-towner talent in The Binary Marketing Show, YellowFever, and Lushes.

INEVERYROOM have been concocting their next release in the depths of Remington and beyond recently, so expect to hear new sounds from this project in the coming year. I went to see INEVERYROOM play a rooftop festival last summer in Brooklyn, which is also the first time I experienced New York's Binary Marketing Show.

I had gone to said Brooklyn rooftop along with local friends Weekends, INEVERYROOM, and Lands and Peoples, but had a strong encounter with Brooklyn's own Binary Marketing Show. It was a weird and churning mix of psychedelic pop, the kind that doesn't come without cosmically-laced bends in space and time. Check out their Pattern LP here.

These two combined with YellowFever from Austin, Texas and Lushes from New York, and this Golden West show is a fair choice for your Wednesday evening activities.

This show starts at 10 PM, costs $5, and you can RSVP here.

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