Thursday, April 28, 2011

Transmodern: Church of Om Boom Drum Drone

The eighth annual Transmodern Festival starts today in Baltimore. The carefully curated and exponentially uninhibited multi-venue event continues throughout the weekend.

In addition to a plethora of other exhibits of visual, performance, interactive and other types of art, Celebration will be playing Saturday night. They will also present the Church of Om Boom Drum Drone on Sunday during the Pedestrian Service Exquisite.

On Saturday night at Floristree the band will be performing as a three-piece. The set will exclusively consist of songs from their debut LP, and brand new unreleased material.

The following day Celebration will lead the Church of Om Boom Drum Drone, a temple that contains "om for spirit, boom for sound, drum for rhythm, and drone for tonal harmonic connection." Katrina Ford describes the interactive gathering as:

A tribal revival to cure the modern meltdown of the void, the disconnection from the energy between us, beyond culture and beyond religion. A gathering to break the barrier of language through bone and antler technology, celebrating the Magdalenian Revolution…to invoke musical and non musical energy exchange. A reconnection in a sacred environment (temple cave), through guided meditation,tonal improvisation and rhythmic psionic resonation. Aura, aural, oral, choral and vibrational chant and dance to freely interpret what the trance of communal transcendence could be. MICROCOSMIC TO MACROCOSMIC (SEE MAHARISHI EFFECT) IN THE SPIRIT OF:Haitian carnival style RA RA music Poly-rhymic shamanic drumming Dionysian hypnotic inducing rituals of dance and music Sympathetic magic through animal calls Ecstasy of whirling dervishes Carnatic and Gamelan style micro-tonal expression I hope to return the war cry with the warrior call for peace, light and love, by removing the hard shell of modern artifice and social constraint with a musical return to primal liberation in the future presence of a “now”.

The Transmodern Festival begins today and continues until Sunday, May 1st.

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