Friday, July 15, 2011

Holy Ghost Party - Holy Ghost Party

David Jacober and Zachary Utz make a lot of music, and a wide variety at that. Their main project is Dope Body, a Baltimore staple that got some Pitchfork love yesterday.

However their other outlet, a less loud and abrasive entity, is set to release it's debut. Holy Ghost Party are only an EP deep at this point, but are now ready with their first full length. It's a self-titled affair, and is out this weekend on cassette via Friends Records.

Holy Ghost Party is over 35 minutes of some of the weirder pop music you'll hear. While combining elements of countless genres, somewhere it all comes together into some form of prog-pop. In Dope Body, guitar is used to create alien-like noise that's meant to puncture your head-space. But in Holy Ghost Party, similar styles are used to add unique percussion and a rich layer of strange that's fit for a more cosmic experience.

The album will first be made available at Worlds in Collusion tomorrow, where Holy Ghost Party opens up the event starting at noon. Check out the new tape here.

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