Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rolling Stone Thinks Baltimore Is Cool

Representatives of Rolling Stone were spotted gallivanting in these here streets last month. Attending an Ecstatic Sunshine and Double Dagger show at Floristree, and eating at the Golden West Cafe; dudes must have dug it, or drank entirely too much Natty Boh.

The magazine has just revealed its "Best of Rock 2008" feature, and awarded Baltimore with best scene. Apparently this means that we are a "hotbed for rap and art rock". In case you're not sure what "hotbed" actually means, the dictionary explains it as:

A glass-covered bed of soil heated with fermenting manure or by electricity, used for the germination of seeds or for protecting tender plants.

Uh, well put. While the article left out some key components, it still managed to namedrop and highlight some of our city's finer elements including David Byrne, Soundgarden, The Talking Head, and Beach House. Articles like this one have surfaced on the online wordwide web of internets for the past year or so, but this "best of" list certainly holds the most confusing company.

In the same piece there are awards for "Best New Michael Jackson", "Best Country Lolita", and...wait for it..."Best Guitar Hero Band". Granted the best country lolita is ridiculosly hot, but WTF is a country lolita? And did I really just use the phrase country lolita 4 times in a paragraph? Yes, yes I did.


Anonymous said...

I've heard alot of reluctance to this bit of good press. Even the Citypaper sounds sort of snide. Why? Why is it whenever there is some sort of positive press or recognition of the city, people have this sort of "Oh yeah, well, where were you __ years ago?!"?

I'll take Baltimore as best scene according to Rolling Stone. Sounds good to me. Bring on the back-lash!

Brett said...


F the nay-sayers.

But I still want to know what a country lolita is, I've done extensive research and have yet to be informed.