Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Album: Curtain Rod Character

Enter Curtain Rod Character. Armed with a fresh new album, witty and sarcastic commentary, and an admiration for noisey rock music, dude is pretty stacked.

Curtain Rod Character is a Baltimore-based noise hop project that just dropped Schizophrenic Trooper Escorts Witness via the interwebs. The album can be downloaded free right here. Take notice of the album's fine artwork too, compliments of the musician's graphic design background.

The album drones along at a curiously infectious pace, with the most obvious influence being Oakland's masters of amalgamation, Why?. There are also smatterings of Sonic Youth and even some Yo La Tengo present in the aftertastes, helping to emphasize that this is not your typical hip hop record. Or, is it even a hip hop record? Your call.

While your ears may be confused upon first listen, you will undoubtedly find yourself rockin' it again. Go scoop the free download of this one, or at least sample it here.

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