Friday, April 10, 2009

Tonight: Extra Golden @ Floristree

Hailing from DC, Kenya, and maybe beyond, Extra Golden are making an exotic stop on their tour. The multi-national ensemble is bringing its good vibes to Floristree tonight, right here in Baltimore.

Their latest release Thank You Very Quickly has been in my heavy rotation as of late, as I often can't seem to shake its afro-infused jams from my head. Two of the band members still reside in Kenya, and once needed Obama's help to get work visas to tour the states. To say that their sound is African influenced is clearly an understatement.

However, they are mainly a rock band. While other artists have eluded to African song structures and rhythms and claim influence, Extra Golden's sound is simply half straight up rock and roll, and half a Kenyan worldly vibe. The album leaves nothing hidden, and its sound is instantaneously recognizable upon first listen. Their latest LP was released via Thrill Jockey a few weeks ago.

I can only imagine these guys soundtrack a pretty fun party, which probably makes tonight a must. The bill also features Matthew Papich, Ami Dang, and Audrey Chen with Jeff Carey. Show starts around 8:30.

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