Friday, April 24, 2009

Tonight: Pontiak / Sri Aurobindo / Spectrum

Killer lineup at Sonar tonight that features Sri Aurobindo, Pontiak, and Spectrum who sport Sonic Boom of Spaceman 3 fame. Faces might melt, amps could be blown, and crunchy psychadelic rock tunes will be bountiful.

Sri Aurobindo are one of Baltimore's best new bands, and if you didn't catch them here or at any of their other recent gigs, please do so tonight. Their debut EP was beyond fantastic, and features a handful of mildly noisey and heavily nostalgic jams that won't disappoint. It was limited to only 199 copies, and my guess is they are long gone by now.

I've allready splurged my love for Pontiak's new record, and look forward to seeing how the new tunes translate live. My only hope is that at least 2 amps are sacrificed, just as they were in the recording process of the new LP. If you haven't heard Maker yet, do yourself a favor and come grab a doom folk soaked copy tonight.

The fact that Spectrum will be performing some Spaceman 3 songs leaves me little else I need to say to convince you how great this one will be. I admittedly haven't heard any of their new tunes, but can't fathom how they could be too terrible. Show starts at 8.

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