Monday, June 1, 2009

Tomorrow: Cass McCombs and Jana Hunter

Not too many better ways to spend your Tuesday evening than soaking up the croons of Cass McCombs and Jana Hunter. Both will be gushing new tunes galore, with Cass McCombs right on the cusp of releasing his new album.

Domino releases Catacombs tomorrow everywhere but here, as it's official U.S. release isn't until July 7th. All signs point to Catacombs reaching back to the simple yet undefineable sounds of A, more or less folk pop with a dark twist. Cass's nomadic behavior portrays his three albums varying styles, an evolution of a timless sound that might have reached it's defining point.

Tomorrow night should be a solid look into the top notch songwriter's new tunes, and the same should reign true for the opener Jana Hunter. I caught Jana open up for Papercuts a few weeks back, and the set was chock full of new stuff. All were promising builds off the sure and sturdy sounds of There's No Home, and were very well accentuated by her backing drummer and bassist.

This one starts at 8 at the Metro Gallery, with the cover being $10. And here's to hoping that Cass will be bringing some fresh copies of Catacombs to share with us.

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