Friday, June 5, 2009

The Dirty Projectors: Bitte Orca

It would be pretty tough to be in the Bmore/DC metro area this weekend and not hear someone mention the Dirty Projectors. Not only are they one of the many highlights of tomorrow's RUFUSTIVAL, the avant pop band opens for TV on the Radio Monday and Tuesday at the 930 Club.

Oh, and lets not forget their eagerly anticipated first release with Domino, which drops this Tuesday June 9th. Dave Longstreth is the mastermind behind the Dirty Projectors. Dude has already created an album full of re-hashed Black Flag covers written from memory, and a concept album focusing on Don Henley.

Bitte Orca leaves behind the concepts. Instead, it brings forth the band's knack for spanning a multitude of genres and styles with surprisingly little confusion. "Stillness is the Move" wouldn't be entirely out of place if heard on an R&B radio station, but still boasts experimental configurations not found on your old Boyz II Men tape. "Useful Chamber" is a standout that swanks pop melodies which effortlessly warp into infectiously spazzed out moments, all layered over hip hop beats.

This is by far the band's most accessible album, and almost makes you wonder why they conistently get dubbed an "acquired taste". Sure, there's plenty of avant garde notions. But Bitte Orca is simply a fantastic pop record at its core.

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