Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wye Oak: The Knot

When Wye Oak's second album popped up in my inbox last week, excitement immediately ensued. If you have been lucky enough to catch one of their shows in the past year, you had a good idea of how awesome this record was going to be.

Expectations will be met all around, as The Knot is one of the most beautiful albums to drop this year.

This will be the duo's second release with Merge, and is slated to hit shelves July 21st. Andy and Jenn have toured heavily leading up to the recording of this album, allowing the new songs to have a solid environment to properly form and tighten.

This process seems to have worked flawlessly, as The Knot boasts track after track of epic landscape and haunting grandeur. The duo's keen ability to create noise has always been a strong suit. But the crisp walls of sound that hit you on songs like "For Prayer" and "Take It In" are well beyond stimulating. "Mary is Mary" highlights the group's knack for subtle detail, flowing dark eloquence as the album's 7 minute centerpiece.

Can't hold out until the album's released in July? Wye Oak are set to play RUFUSTIVAL this Saturday. Tickets are still available at Brown Paper Tickets. Wye Oak are slotted to play right before the Dirty Projectors, right around 7:30 PM. See you there.

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