Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Soft House Presents Terry Riley's In C

From the kind and amazing folks that brought us Soft Fest (which we still have live audio up from if you click the link), now bring us Terry Riley's In C. This was originally scheduled for February 6th and was canceled due to that white stuff, but now has a new date on Friday, March 12th.

The same performance is still planned, with roughly 30 talented musicians from a plethora of different Baltimore music outlets set to take on this piece. The composition that will be performed was written by Riley in 1964, and is one of the first minimalist compositions. At the core of this semi-improvisational piece is what Riley referred to as the "pulse", a musican's phrase that repeats the note C in eighth notes.

Get all the details and see who will be involved below.

NEW OFFICIAL DATE: March 12! Check back for line-up additions!

Join us for an evening of atmosphere and sound featuring "In C," a classic minimalist piece, performed by an ensemble of nearly 30 Baltimore musicians!

The Soft House
Friday, March 12th
Food and drinks: 9:30-10:30
In C :10:30-11:30
**All audience members who arrive by 10 pm will receive one free drink and food item with admission**

"In C" Ensemble

Will Redman (of Microkingdom)----------------------vibraphone
Dave Jacober (of Dope Body/Holy Ghost Party)-----marimba
Nathan Elman-Bell (of Quartet Offensive)-----------glockenspiel
Rob Parrish (improvisational percussionist)---------glockenspiel
Rod Hamilton (of Avocado Happy Hour)-------------Malletkat
Emmanuel Nicolaidis (of Thank You)----------------xylophone
Jeremy Hyman (of Ponytail)--------------------------marimba

Jon Birkholz (of Soul Cannon)--------------------------organ
Ben Frock (of Ben Frock and the Subatomic Particles)-organ
Tim Murphy (Baltimore jazz legend)-----------------rhodes
Amanda Schmidt (of Avocado Happy Hour)---------rhodes

Dustin Wong (of Dustin Wong/Ponytail)-------electric guitar
Zach Utz (of Dope Body/Holy Ghost Party)--electric guitar
Jaime Moffett (jazz musician)------------------electric guitar

Andrew Bernstein (of Teeth Mountain)-----------------------alto sax
John Dierker (of Microkingdom/Quartet Offensive)-----tenor sax
Andy Abelow (of Small Sur/Soft Cat)-----------------------alto sax

Britton Powell (of Hume)---------------------------------------double bass
Kate Barutha (of Soft Cat)-------------------------------------cello

Will Pesta (of Happy Family)--------------laptop
Grayson Brown (of Comeback Ranch)---laptop
John Somers (of Do While)----------------laptop
Sam Shea (of Copycat Theatre)----------laptop
John Jones (of Each Others)--------------laptop

Beau Crawley (of Turquoise Cats/Drugs Bunny)----live processing
Mark Brown (of DJ Mark Brown) --------------------live processing
John Butler (of Mothersday)--------------------------live processing
Tom Fitzgibbon (sounds)------------------------------live processing

... and more!!



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