Friday, February 12, 2010

Clusterf*ck: Shows in Baltimore This Weekend

Once you are done shoveling snow from your awning or roof so it doesn't collapse, I've got some activities for you to take part in this weekend. And if you're car is stuck on a street that's still not plowed like mine - then those boots are made for walking.

Tonight you've got a couple options, one of which is a big 'ol party at Sonar that I mentioned earlier this week. This will be the Baltimore debut of Mobroder, a new Spank Rock project that features the help of Blu Jemz and DJ Hoff. This "disco supergroup" more than likely won't suck at all, and should offer a good look at what to expect from the release they've been working on.

If disco-infused hip hop ain't your thing, head to the Zodiac for what promises to be a spectacularly weird musical happening. Forms of Ed Schrader and Lexie Mountain will be performing, Ed playing with his new band and Lexie playing with Sam Garner. The out-of-towners are Miracle Condition, who are ex-members of U.S. Maple.

Saturday night boasts some choices as well, one of which will find you at the Talking Head room for a last minute Taxlo throw-down. Cullen and Simon are bringing in Nite Jewel, and also will be doing some spinning of records themselves. Nite Jewel is kind of like what might happen if Grouper starting playing some lounge tunes. Hazy vocals with a 80s dance feel, this project garnered considerable buzz last year.

The Hexagon has a hefty bill of doom and ambient metal Saturday night if you're in the mood to have your ears blasted. Nadja headline, a Toronto/Germany based project from the likes of Aidan Baker. Local doom outfit Oak and Brooklyn black metal band Liturgy lead support, while Major Powers make a rare appearance.


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I forgot to mention this, but funny stuff at the Ottobar Saturday night with Michael Ian Black & Michael Showalter. Michael Showalter will also be DJing afterwords.

Unknown said...

I was gonna mention the Michael and Michael thing. Nite Jewel is pretty enticing as well, though.