Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DNA Test Fest III:
Psychedelic Horseshit - Acid Tape

DNA Test Fest III, brought to us by DC's favorite new label Fan Death Records, is April 3 at Sonar. Enter our ticket giveaway here, and tell me why I should go to Test Fest instead of going to see Bonnie Prince Billy. Here's some new Psychedelic Horseshit.

This is a music project from Columbus, Ohio. You might recollect Psychedelic Horseshit saying mean things about Wavves last year, or you might recognize their weird and spastic music, and it's also possible you're wondering why a band would be called that. Either way, here's a new Psychedelic Horseshit track called "Unseen Voids".

This is the first track on Acid Tape, released this week by Fan Death Records. This track is as close to to prior output as you'll get on this cassette, yet it is likely the most consciously tangible song ever to be released by the group.

"Unseen Voids" then transcends you into "Modern Daze". Rising from the deep textures and jaded electronics is a pop song, one that's twisted with what the tape's name suggests. While this track layers ambient melodies laced with vocals and warped guitars, in the end drum machines are hi-jacked by outer space and all is soon forgotten.

Once fully taken over by astronauts, "Modern Daze" rolls into "Hard As It Gets (Chill Sax Mix)" - a dub song. Psychedelic Horeshit has often been categorized as shit-gaze, as Fan Death urges that "Acid both is and isn't the best representation" of said genre. This release certainly dabbles in new boundaries not tested before by the group. Plus, who really knew what shit-gaze even was in the first place.

The rest of the cassette indulges in experiments far and wide, and more than certainly comes recommended on my end. Get it here. Yet another solid reason to attend DNA Test Fest.

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