Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crazy Dreams Bands - War Dream

Lexie Mountain's take on a rock and roll outfit, Crazy Dreams Band, just dropped their second full length on Holy Mountain - a label home to the likes of Daniel Higgs and Zomes. War Dream is officially out this week, and is available in both LP and CD format.

You'll be able to catch Lexie in both of her current musical happenings tonight, as the Lexie Mountain Boys will play Transmodern at the BMA while Crazy Dreams Band play Floristree for a post-Transmodern show that includes Greg Ginn & The Texas Taylor Corrugators and the CSC Funkband (members of USAISAMONSTER, Talibam, Gwar).

War Dream
is four tracks long, the last one clocking in at almost twenty minutes. Forty minutes all together, this is free-form spacey junk rock on an epic scale and twisted with loose melody. The LP is a bit more accessible and clean than their self titled debut, but still contains enough sludge to slide in and out of psychedelic soundscapes with ease. There's funk, there is some blues, and there's a whole mess of Janis Joplin-on-steroids vocals layered over splintering rock jams.

"2 Awkward For Everyone" is now streaming over on their myspace, and I'd highly suggest sampling this journey of an avant blues rock song. Free-formed crawls break way to standard rock and roll riffs that hit heavy with Lexie's cries, only to wind back down to a jazz-step accompanied by carefully meandering guitar workings. The ability to control feelings and progressive jams is where War Dream accelerates.

This should not and will not ever be labeled and filed to a specific genre, as its a release that captures the past but paints ideas from outer space and beyond. This is clearly not just a rock band, and would you expect anything otherwise from this cast of Baltimore characters?

Crazy Dreams Band head out on tour after the Floristree show tonight, dates are below.

4/15 baltimore FLORISTREE
4/16 philly CONNIE'S RIC-RAC
4/17 nyc CAKE SHOP
4/18 providence DARK LADY
4/19 cambridge CHARLIE'S
4/20 hadley GREY MATTER
4/21 burlington ENTER
4/22 montreal FRIENDSHIP COVE
4/23 ottawa 854
4/24 toronto TERANGA
4/26 detroit PJS LAGER HOUSE
4/27 chicago EMPTY BOTTLE
4/28 cleveland COOL RANCH

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