Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clusterf*ck: Tuesday Night Edition
deacon at bernie's, cex, harlem, and more...

As once noted in a post with The G, we don't endorse the drugs. However, we totally support musical happenings in Baltimore. And for whatever reason, the 20th day in April seems to spark up a handful of worthwhile events around town.

Harlem's new album is called Hippies, and shit, I can't think of a band with a new album title that is a better ode to this so-called holiday. Yes, hippies are the product of a never-ending 4/20, but you won't find any Grateful Dead covers on this new LP via Matador. You will however find sixteen garage pop tracks that are light-hearted, full of fuzz, and catchy as all hell.

Harlem were fantastic last time they came around these parts, and I'd expect no less tonight at the Golden West when they play with Eternal Summers and Junkers.

Over at the Red Room you'll find a rather intriguing set of performances tonight. Dan Deacon will team up with Teeth Moutain member Andrew Bernstein to form what is to be called Deacon at Bernie's. The duo will be performing along with three short films by Lillian Schwartz and Stan Van Der Beek, which were curated by Mary Helena Clark.

If this wasn't enough to keep your head held high, world-renown cellist Charles Curtis will also be in town and performing in the Red Room. This one will run ya six dollars and starts at 8.

If you're not burnt out, one of Baltimore's biggest weekday dance parties is back in full 420 action tonight at the Hippo. Deep In The Game sports residents CEX and Schwarz, and tonight will feature guest DJ Cullen Stalin. This one's free before 11, but $5 after.

Streaming below is a recent mix by CEX dubbed "Archbroseph of Berlintimore Tbass Mix Series #9", which totally lives up to being described as a "relentless mix of skanky heavy bass Grime ruffness."

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