Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cymbals Eat Guitars and Title Tracks @ Metro Gallery

The Metro Gallery is pretty stacked in the coming weeks with RUFUSTIVAL going down next Saturday and Cass McCombs playing Tuesday. More to come soon on that Cass McCombs/Jana Hunter bill, but a noteworthy show is also taking place this Friday.

Title Tracks headline the night, while Cymbals Eat Guitars are the appropriately highlighted supporting band.

Staten Island's Cymbals Eat Guitars dropped their debut Why There Are Mountains earlier this year, a record that tends to quickly snag ears. At first thought, its sound boasts a cross-pollination of Broken Social Scene and Apollo Sunshine.

While further evaluation reveals a roadtrip of sprawling aural landscapes that might in fact lead to the answer of why there are mountains. Fleeting crescendos break way to polished horns, all within well-crafted and seemingly natural song structures that are of an often grand scale.

Title Tracks is a new John Davis project, who used to be of both Georgie James and Q and Not U. The DC project just released its first single, "Every Little Bit Hurts" and "Found Out". The songs are catchy, packing a solid punch in little time. No groundbreaking ideas within the guitar pop realm, but the formula works and there is much potential for a solid full length.

The show is Friday May 29th at the Metro Gallery, and will run ya 10 beans.

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