Friday, May 29, 2009

Ticket Giveaway: Black Lips and Spank Rock

In one of the most brilliant lineup's of the summer, both kinds of dirty are fully represented. Dirty rock and roll riffs paired with raunchy minded hip hop will be in full effect.

The Black Lips headline Sonar June 19, with Spank Rock and PoPo on support. Not part of any of the band's tours, this one-off show sports a completely original lineup. Not to mention, "this is the most caustic collection of trouble maker musical geniuses ever assembled". [via]

In the cut and paste mixtape age of hip hop, Spank Rock has always been a glaring outlier.

Old school beats rooted in everything from Baltimore club to samba to 80's dance have been a standard. Paired with Juwan's lyrical abilities, rhymes that never fail to sport just enough bootay innuendo.

The Black Lips' brand of country punked garage has always been steeped in blues and surf, a sound that is far more simple than that overthought description. 2007's Good Bad Not Evil was a breakthrough, but look no farther than the raucous jaunts of Let it Bloom and Black Lips! to get the proper idea. The new LP ain't too shabby either, and a GZA-like collaboration with Spank Rock that night won't be out of the question.

I have 2 pairs of free tickets courstesy of Sonar. If you feel in need of some boh-soaked ruckus on a Friday night, send an email to I'll pick 2 winners at random the week before the show.

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