Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live MP3s / Photos: Celebration at Load of Fun


I am very excited to present you with some pretty extensive coverage of what was one of the best sets I've witnessed all year. Celebration headlined Load of Fun last Thursday night, capping off a ridiculously enjoyable evening that included a great set from Videohippos and a hauntingly awesome performance by Indian Jewelery.

Celebration's Electric Tarot concept has been an ongoing success, and based off the new material played last week, it's only going to get better. With much thanks to David Carter, you can hear the new and yet-to-be recorded material along with the rest of the entire set after the click.

With only a handful of tracks played off their two proper LPs, the Earth installment of the series truly highlighted the direction the band is heading in. There were four brand new songs played, none of which are even posted to their site as of yet. All four were absolutely stunning in their own right, drawing from a variety of past journey's that have aided in cementing their sound.

I've always thought of Celebration to possess some sort of atmospheric quality, and playing inside of a white cave with projections of galaxies and planets brought these opinions to life. Katrina Ford's voice bellowed illustriously, seeming to be calling mother nature to descend upon North Avenue. This was a feel-good affair all around, and my only complaint was that not enough people answered Katrina's cries to start dancing. However, I'm quite certain that everyone in attendance was dancing on the inside.

New local taper, David Carter, was kind enough to pass along the audio for this show in both MP3 and FLAC form. Valerie also took a fantastic set of photos, which can be seen on our Flikr page or in the flash gallery below. I've also included the setlist, however it was created by my listening and does not include names of the new tracks. As soon as I learn these names, I'll go ahead and update it. Have at it folks:


Lineage: AGK 414s > Zoom h4n 48/24 > Cubase 5 > flac/mp3

1. Whats This Magical
2. Pressure
3. Untitled (new song)
4. I Will Not Fall
5. Shelter
6. Untitled (new song)
7. Untitled (new song)
8. Untitled (new song)
9. Heartbreak
10. Pony (encore)

Photos by Valerie


carteriffic said...

Here is dark murky video of a little bit of that gig:

ratwronger said...

Great set. Here are the song titles. They debuted these songs at Metro Galley outside on 8/7/09.
1. What's This Magical
2. Pressure
3. Honeysuckle
4.I Will Not Fall
5. Shelter
6. kilimanjaro
7. Junky
8. Pyramid Sun
9. Heartbreak
10. Pony

Unknown said...

anyone still have this show available? would love to get the FLAC version. thanks!