Monday, October 19, 2009

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Rapdragons - Ten Stories High

Baltimore has been brewin with tons of choice off-kilter hip hop as of late, with a beat and rhyme suited for every type of party. Rapdragons began schilling their variety back in May, and are now in full effect having just dropped their first full length.

In addition to Ten Stories High, their debut album, Rapdragons have something else in the works to be pretty stoked for. The duo will soon also release a project called Featuring Baltimore, a mixtape that samples a different local band on each track.

But right now, you can download Ten Stories High for free at the bottom of this post. For whatever reason, this one had me reminiscing of the careless days of high school revelry. It's a feel good affair all around, and deserves to be thrown in your rotation.

The highlight for me was "Bigwams", Greg Ward and Nick Often's take on Bob Dylan's "Wigwam". The duo sports their signature party-themed flow, all layered over snazzy drums and paired with the original Dylan track's horns.

The opener "Moon Rocks" feature's a hook courtesy of Reading Rainbow's theme song, a beat using David Bowie's "Moonage Daydream", and some pretty anthemic vocals. Other samples throughout the album derive anywhere from Edwin Starr to the Electric Light Orchestra, to even Disney's Out of the Box TV series.

These guys are a ton of fun, and as mentioned above, have some other excitement in the works. Featuring Baltimore is being finished up now, and two tracks are already available. "Camp Everywhere" re-works "Camp Nowhere", the last track on Weekends' stellar debut disc. You can stream "Camp Everywhere" in all its glory over on their site. Until the rest of that mix drops, snag their promising debut below.

Full Album Download: Rapdragons - Ten Stories High


Anonymous said...

omgggggge you guys are the hottestttttt..marry me

James Harlan said...

love the music... heaven to my ears