Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Live MP3s / Photos: Happy Family at Soft Fest

Happy Family

One of Baltimore's newer projects, Happy Family was just another extremely talented artist slotted to play Soft Fest last weekend. He played a set that promised a lot more good things to come, as the entire performance was new material.

Compliments of David Carter, the audio is available to download in MP3 and FLAC form after the click. Along with the rest of our photo coverage of Soft Fest, Valerie is responsible for all of the fantastic shots.

Happy Family's set was one of the more upbeat moments of Sunday night's lineup. His take on sample-based pop music makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, much like the genre's best, Panda Bear. Hear and see for yourself below.

Happy Family
Taped by David Carter
Lineage: AGK 414s > Zoom h4n 48/24 > Cubase 5 > flac/mp3
Soft Fest 10/25/09
Baltimore, Maryland


1. peeks (not on the recording)
2. going to
3. babies (extended mix)
4. free samples

Photos by Valerie

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