Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Lands and Peoples at Soft Fest

Lands and Peoples

This weekend a space in Baltimore now known as Afghanistan hosted a pretty incredible event. Soft Fest was a huge success, and featured some pretty amazing sets. I will be posting photos from both nights, and audio from Sunday night as they become available to me in the next couple days.

For now, I have the privilege of offering Lands and Peoples' set in MP3 and FLAC form free to download. Their set featured two new tracks, and was one of the many highlights of Soft Fest.

Lands and Peoples began with some pleasant looping, and quickly dove right into the new stuff. "Wait and See" was an absolutely stunning track, only properly appreciated when looking at in its entirety. The song starts out as a pristine folk pop ballad, but a little after halfway through the guitars segway into where it really takes off. Amanda's vocal cries ascend with the accompanying harmonies, as the track's melodic outro was epically beautiful Sunday night. Hear for yourself...

The set also featured another new track called "Ukulele", and a cover of the American standard "Tonight You Belong to Me". You can download the entire set below, courtesy of David Carter. Also look for more photos and audio from Soft Fest to come soon.

Lands and Peoples
Taped by David Carter
Lineage: AGK 414s > Zoom h4n 48/24 > Cubase 5 > flac/mp3
Soft Fest 10/25/09
Baltimore, Maryland

(loop improvisation)
1. Wait and See
2. Tonight You Belong to Me (cover)
3. Ukulele
4. Isabella

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