Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rod Hamilton / Comeback Ranch Split Tape

A month or so ago at Soft Fest, I was kindly given a new turquoise-colored cassette from the likes of locals Comeback Ranch and Rod Hamilton (1/2 of Avocado Happy Hour).

Above is "Birdman", the second track on Rod Hamilton's Act I of the the tape. Hamilton's side reaches a bit more towards the melodic realm, with carefully scattered synths and more organic tones layered throughout. This track seems rather appropriately titled, with a seemingly uplifting nod to unnatural flight and uncharted territories. Rhythms are created through melody, providing the perfect tones for superior sky-gazing.

Act II is provided by Comeback Ranch, another resident of the Soft House with a knack for creating ambient soundscapes. Above is the first scene, a six minute journey dubbed " Stereolith". This side of the tape creates a more subdued ambiance, with easily digestible and effortlessly luminous drone. A bit more synth heavy and atmospheric, check it out if you liked the work we shared by Jake Lingan or Daytime's recent piece.

Look for this cassette around the Baltimore area while it's still around.

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