Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shaun David Gould - For Those You Love

For the past few years when I've gone back and collected my favorite Baltimore albums, organizing them into a list, it's been inevitable that I come across a handful of releases that I overlooked. This year's big miss - Shaun David Gould's For Those You Love.

I've got Beau and Caleb of Lands & Peoples and Jeff from Secret Mountains to thank for pointing out this glaring oversight, as they passed along Gould's album to me recently. The full length was produced by Christopher Freeland at Beat Babies Studios, and written " the strange winter made hopeful by beautiful births with an eye to the best future I could imagine and resigned to the uncertain but perennial grace which we all hold so so dear in Baltimore 2010." Shaun has now moved to Argentina, but kindly left us with this.

Gould's voice is incredibly gentle, with careful and absurdly rich tones scattered throughout. The production on all of these tracks is also worth noting, as it comes across incredibly lush yet still harbors a very personal ethos. This record is perfect for the days when the cold wind is as brutal as can be, providing campfire warmth within your home.

Get For Those You Love for free from Shaun David Gould's Bandcamp.

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laurent said...

yeah this album is superb Brett! A few months back I discovered it while searching through via the location tag (a thing I enjoy greatly). Came upon this album and was blown away by the extremely well done production and songwriting. That being said, I somehow left this off my year end list as well. Shoulda done a top fifty I guess.