Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chain and the Gang / The Hive Dwellers

I wouldn’t normally be highlighting a show this far down yonder, but it’s a must after having just previewed one of K Records upcoming releases. Chain and the Gang’s Down With Liberty....Up With Chains will be unveiled in a few weeks on April 7th.

On repeat since I recieved it, this LP brings 40 kitchen sinks...and then some. The band is Ian Svenonius’s concotion; formerly of Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up & Weird War.

Their mission:
"Everywhere that liberty goes, it leaves a path of destruction. Fast food, bad architecture, materialism, rampant greed, environmental destruction, imperial conquest, class struggle; these phenomena, when combined, seem to be synonymous with “Liberty.” So just as it’s called “liberty” when war and greed stalk the land, Ian Svenonius calls his band Chain and the Gang. Like a true chain gang, they’re on the road to confront and defy any freedom-lovers that come across their path." (via)
All agenda aside, the album rips raw bursts of rock, funk, sweat, blues, and pretty much anything else. It also boasts a ridiculous supporting cast including Calvin Johnson, Karl Blau, Nicolaas Zwart, and a whole lot more in typical K Records fashion.

Chain and the Gang’s April 28th gig at the Talking Head couldn’t come any sooner. Especially when considering Calvin Johnston’s new band The Hive Dwellers will also head the bill. Also supporting will be Mahjongg. Check back for more deets on this one.

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